Its only natural to feel a little anxious if your …

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Its only natural to feel a little anxious if your boss decides to attend your regular staff meeting.

You think it seems like its a problem to face. You want to say something to apologize for making me feel like the boss isnt concerned about me. I would instead like to apologize for saying you could probably be an important contributor to my company and the company as a whole. I would like to offer you a special thank you for helping create this website and your work on it. I would rather have your support than a nasty surpriseIn the end I could have said something like this, but instead I decided to keep it simple. Hello there,Im sorry to inform you that Ive been fired from my job. I was very surprised when I got a call from my boss telling me that he had decided not to renew my contract because I got married in July. I was completely shocked and heartbroken, but I was able to get a few days of leave to come up with a solution. The reason I was fired is that I have had a really good relationship with my boss, but recently he has become extremely controlling and abusive towards me. One night while I was on my way back to the office (which is 3 blocks from my office, and the last 7 blocks are completely dark at night), he got out of his car and started to yell at me. All of a sudden I could hear him in the darkness yelling at me. Im not sure if he was drunk or if hes just extremely angry, but he screamed at me that he knew everything about me and that he wouldnt be satisfied unless I complied with everything he wanted. I kept my cool and told him I would not comply with his demands. A few moments later, he drove back to his car and I asked him if he was done with what he was yelling at me for, and he started back at me again. I kept my cool and told him that if he would just leave me alone, it wouldnt come to this. After several minutes of him yelling at me, I decided to just leave. As I turned around to leave, he kept yelling at me, and he yelled that he would find out who I was that night. He continued to yell at me and he drove off. I didnt catch his license plate number, but I would have probably been able to find it once I got back to my office. Im pretty sure this would have been the end of the incident had I just kept my cool and left. working for celebrities

Step by building our Angular 1. I have used CodePen to demonstrate the application on GitHub. Tutorial: How I Built My First Angular 1. X ApplicationIn this article, I am going to walk through how I built my first Angular 1. X application, a single page application which displays some data as well as some navigation. All the code is available on GitHub. Here is what is needed to make something like this work:An Angular 1. X application To make it easy for us developers, Angular allows us to have many components with various functionality. The components are just files called directives. The directives themselves are just JavaScript files in the HTML file. We will use the NgFor directive for our simple example. The NgFor directive will give us the first element with name foo by calling the $parse service and passing to it a function called getFoo . working for celebrities

working for celebrities