Its always awful when we do something embarrassing in public…

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Re about to go on when you get the notification telling you that you are about to be an instagram follower. T get this a few weeks ago, you never realized just how popular you were online. You spend the next ten minutes going through your old pictures and posting a few of yours. You even make a few jokes or two in your post to keep your followers engaged. Re getting a good reaction to your account, which is a little surprising to you considering how inactive your last one was. Some of it is people wanting to follow you again, but most of it is either people complimenting you on your post or people commenting on it. S not the kind you were expecting. Re getting more followers than you thought. You briefly wonder if there might be some sort of conspiracy going on, but then you see a comment on your instagram post. S been following you since day 1 and has been following you ever since. Ve been getting a free gift from heaven for the past few days. S probably even a little jealous of your followers. He then suddenly gives you a little nudge in the ribs. Ve been following people with no problem too. Ve followed someone a lot more prominent on the net before. I might have already told you, but my real name is Liu Yif.

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