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The photos and information were really important in case we ever had to deal with a celebrity time traveler. The only problem with making the photos count was that I had to take time to get those photos since it was the weekend, then I still had work to do and wasnt sure when I was going to be able to get home, so the photos wouldnt count for at least a couple of days. However, there was another way to show that these people really did time travel. I simply had to get two people to be near each other, but one of them wasnt a celebrity. I met two young women in their early twenties who didnt look like they belonged in their photos, but I didnt care. They looked so young and innocent, it was like they had their whole life ahead of them. Even though they were both posing for the same photo, each one of their photos seemed to have a slightly different feel to it, so I guess the photo effects and all the other stuff I had to do wasnt quite as convincing as they seemed to be when you looked at their pictures. Sure, I knew about time travel, but I didnt know how easy it really could be. I mean, I had to go to the studio, buy the magazine there, and then wait for both of them to arrive so I could take photos of them together. I mean, it couldnt be any more difficult than having to visit the studio and wait for the other person, right. I was still looking at the photos when I realized something else that I had missed when I was on the phone with the recording studio. The two of them looked different in the photos than they did in person. It was as if their faces had been digitally altered because they didnt look like the pictures of them in their photos. The only thing I could think about was they must have been the actors for a movie. In fact, I was thinking about one of those movies the two of them were appearing in right now. I didnt really care though, because that was a good enough reason to get photo of them. They had a really cool attitude, too. They were smiling the whole time, which seemed to be their personality the whole time I was trying to visit the studio, get the photo, wait for the celebrity to arrive, and make the photos of them together. Even if I had to wait all day for them, that didnt seem to bother them. Once I was done with their photo shoot, I came back home. I almost said I was gonna try time travel again, but I decided against it since I had all the proof that the two of.

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