It was a time of change, and the spirit in the air was all …

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You hear a car pull up behind you, youre about to open the door and get out to see who it is, when you hear one of the guards say, Please dont move. You look around, and see a man wearing a mask. Youre pretty sure its him, he looks about your age, maybe a little taller and more muscled. The thing about him that gets you is the bright colored shirt, like some sort of hippy gang member or something. As you step out, you feel a sudden wave of dizziness hit you, and almost fall off the steps. You look around and see the car is still there, its a newer model, but youre fairly sure the one youre seeing right now was stolen. The car is in drive and you struggle to stay conscious. Please, you say, dont kill me, just let me go. The man says, turning around and aiming a shotgun at you. You feel like you are about to die as you see the barrel of the gun pointed directly at your head. You shoot the guard firstYou grab the gun and aim it at the first guard, who turns completely around in his seat, and the gun fires, hitting him directly in the back of his head. You immediately open fire on him, hitting him in the chest, but the bullets dont matter, it is the shotgun blast of the gun that does. The shot of pain and the explosion from the gunshot in his head are much worse than the concussion that comes from being hit with a bullet. The first guard dies instantly as you step back inside the hotel, while the other guard scrambles for his weapon as he sees you fire. You continueYou stand in the doorway, stunned as you see the second guard, the one with the shotgun, walking over to you, the shotgun in hand. You drop to the ground as he fires into your chest, causing you to collapse to the ground in a heap, and to the horror of you and of all those watching, he fires twice more, killing you. You head back to the hotelYou walk back into the building, where you find a crowd gathering as the authorities are called. Im Suzy, And I am telling you, I was the one who shot the guard, I didnt do this on my own, and there is nothing anyone can do about it, even though I know I should have. You turn and run for the hotel, and escape to the safety of your hotel room. You begin to feel very sick, and you are given a new assignment. A reporter called Beth tries to contact you.

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