It turns out even the worlds hottest celebrities arent immune from goofy kid syndrome…

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A popular actor turned out to be a very ugly actor. Thats why they do that, you say. Even when you go out in the dark clothes youre ugly. Im kind of surprised this isnt true for you, too. The topic of your looks isnt exactly new, but the two of you had been keeping it in your respective rooms to not get into trouble. You had been too busy doing other things. The more youd thought about it, the more you realized how you had been avoiding the subject. Even your cousin Miranda hadnt really brought it up in a long time. She usually did, though, and it had been a topic of conversation. Did you really want to be ugly, just for the sake of being ugly. If you could go back, would you do it all over again. What if there was more than one place where youd get involved with a cult, and this was just the first time youd gone along with their plans on a big scale. It was an old question, one you had been asked when you were just starting to think about it. Okay, youre going to have to come with me to get out of here, Jordi says. I need you to help me find out where it is. Then, we can get you out of here and let you live. You do your thing, Ill do my thing. Get out of the house, get some clothes, whatever. Jordi runs over to one of the back rooms, and.

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