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These people are known as The Old New-York Groups. Their deaths are known as The Old New-York Riptides. You ask about the old groupHow many Old New York City Groups are there. Well I think most of you might know about them, but you might not. To begin with, I will tell you about them as they appeared in news reports. The old New York City groups include several famous figures. Here is the first one I brought into the lab. The next was a headline announcing the death of Edgar Allan Poe, Americas favorite poet. This was followed shortly by a news item on the fate of another literary giant, Charlie Chaplin. Finally, there was the next death of a famous figure, the legendary Walt Whitman. Each death caused a news item and a tribute in the papers, and this is what occurred. Every death causes a newspaper column and tribute to accompany its death. So youre telling me were all dead. No, thats not what Im telling you. Instead, Im just trying to tell you that death is frequent and that people die. However, Ill tell you more about the Old New York City Groups later tonight. For now, I need to ask you another question. What exactly do you want to ask me. Well, I would definitely like to know what you want to know about the Old New York City Groups, because as I said, I believe you must have a very particular interest in what happens to famous dead people. I would think you would find it interesting to know the life stories of people who had an important part in history. Look, you can go on about any subject youd like for an hour now. I need to know what you really want to know so I can.

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