It hardly seems to go well for stars when they criticize the gay …

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LGBT people have no equitable right to be protected by government. Laws making same-sex marriage legal are unconstitutional. It is justifiably wrong to attack LGBT people, sadly they still find it more appealing to hurt and exclude them. A tall, dark-haired man stands up from his chair and looks you up and down. The other people in the room are completely speechless, and you do too. The man slowly walks over to you, takes a deep breath, and begins speaking to you with a strange accent. He leans into you, his voice slightly deeper, and suddenly his eyes are looking directly into your soul as he speaks. And thats why, he says, youre free. He leans in closer and whispers into your ear, Im afraid I dont believe you for one single second. Id like to believe that youre not like the rest of the people here, but I just cant do it. You made your choice, and for good reason. You have a heart of gold, and thats why I love you. He starts walking towards the door, as if he isnt done with you yet. The worst thing that could happen to you in life, he says, is to be a freak. He quickly takes a step back, and then quickly looks to the man beside him. He walks past him and sits down on the other side of the table. After a moment, he looks you up and down once more, as if nothing had just happened. You feel like you might be going in for a kiss right now, but then you remember the words he just said. The worst thing that could happen to you in life. I love you, Tom, You say once more, smiling. Same here, kid, Tom says, seeming slightly upset about your display at the beginning of the lecture. In fact, Id much rather you didnt.

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