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Color:;A Funeral for A LegendBy: EdThis might seem a little creepy, but it definitely worked for me. I mean I got to sit through the whole thing and it even gave me time to realize that the whole thing was a lot more comfortable than it looked. I would probably still be sitting in a box or something if it wasnt for that creepy guy who wandered in and asked me some questions. Anyway when I finally got to the funeral, I noticed that the rest of the family was there, well apart from the one that was the most crying. They actually took a little more time to actually get to the viewing and that was weird because I only saw my mom and her husband, but then when dad went in the room, the rest of the family was even less attentive than normal. Okay I didnt get it right away, but then I had a flash back of when dad was giving me a ride, and I saw him as a lot more than a kid driving this cool car and I started to cry. What I just realized is, was that I started to cry before I even got there due to the fact that my dad had made me cry and that this was my first real experience seeing the inside of a funeral home. I am still wondering if I should even go back to that funeral. I mean I wont know if I am even able to cry and grieve without it all being a big shock. It is also so much nicer when people are all dressed nicer. Oh and another thing, I have to say, the service was very well executed and I will definitely be going back as it is a nice gesture and I would feel guilty not going. You are pretty sure your friend was asking for it when he told you about his past with that girl. This whole week you have been getting a lot of creepy guys coming up to you and you start getting really uneasy about it. Your mom doesnt know what to do, but you cant really blame her for not wanting to know because it is really kind of scary. Still, you feel like you should know as you are now having to deal with them on a semi-regular basis.

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celebrities in their caskets