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The other interesting thing about the list is how it shows how diverse the Israeli population has become in the years since 9-11. You continueThe majority of the Israelis living here were born in the early 90s, so there is some experience of the early years of Israel. Re doing okay Paul, we got a stable government here. Ve got a reasonably good economy, our education system is actually doing well. But then Israel has always been known to turn things around if the odds against it are particularly great. S a little more hatred, but yeah they know a lot about how to run and protect their home. S sort of where the topic changes to something else. You said before that you knew about the secret base. I found out by talking to people that were into that type of thing. I see no reason why I should trust you on the topic. Paul looks as if he wants to say something, but decides against it and just gives you a blank stare and leaves the bar. M going back to my own country and never coming back. You say to yourself in a mixture of disappointment and annoyance. You head back home and spend a little time in the basement, getting drunk on cheap vodka. Ve finally crashed, you start feeling light headed and start to get some strange dreams. You see images of the city from above from a distance. Re even able to make out some people briefly.

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