Isabela Merced’s Debut EP ‘The Better Half of Me’ Was ‘Born Out of Quarantine’ – Listen Now!

Isabela Merced just dropped her debut EP The Better Half of Me!

The 18-year-old actress and singer released her EP through Republic Records just seven months after her music debut single “Papi”.

Isabela opened up with us about how her new music came about.

“This EP was born out of quarantine. I’ve been in the studio with my brother just writing songs and working on new ones,” she told JJJ. “I was finishing up ‘Apocalipsis,’ and the idea for it came from that. 5 songs reflecting my growth in 2019.”

“Isolation has really forced a lot of us to be introspective and this EP is an example of that,” Isabela continued.

Be sure to listen to The Better Half of Me below, and download it HERE!

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