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The first line is from the Isles, And so the song goes And so the song goes Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, oh its all your fault. Theyve all moved on to bigger things now but its always a joy to hear them sing their hometown anthem. You wont be surprised to see more of these stars on the show as its popularity grows, its the perfect way to boost awareness for your beloved island. The group starts to walk towards the front doors and suddenly you hear a voice call out to you. Yeah, the whole island is really supportive of our video. M from a little village called Ballymun, next to Galway. S just close to one of the most populous cities so for people to actually care that much about where you come from is really impressive really. The band even says so right there on the poster though. M just saying if you came on this show you could start building up some good will. You may not be from here, but you are from somewhere. Ve got a nice smile, you know where the good shit is.

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