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I am the daughter of an LDS convert and a converts daughter, and I had four baptisms in one week. I have been an LDS since birth and believe strongly that the gospel can change anyone. I have never been a member of any religion other than my own. I never believed in heaven Ive always thought of heaven as a place where we go to rest after we die. I am a born-again Mormon because I have discovered that there is one thing in life that I can count on: the light that comes from the testimony of those who have gone before me. My mother tells me she didnt know where shed be in life if it wasnt for her testimony. I love my church and its beliefs and its members, as well as their families. I also love my job as a human resources professional, and I know firsthand about our cultures attitudes toward Mormonism. Ive read the scriptures in my life, and I believe the gospel and its teachings in everything I do. Im a doubter to many and nonbeliever to some, depending on how much truth I can accept of what those labels mean and how well other things make sense. When I see people talking about being gay in our culture, I wonder what they really mean by it, and I wonder what it means for them that they are gay. I also worry about the negative effects it might have on their lives. Ive heard people use the word gay to describe a certain kind of person or one who has certain sexual attractions.

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