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Page-1comments You continue reading the newspaperLook its the National Enquirer, and it just dropped the biggest fucking scoop of the year. They just reported that John Edwards gave a blowjob to a guy, I kid you not and now the story is getting national. You dont want to read it, so you close the paper and look at the computer screen while the Enquirer reporter is telling the story. He then tells you that a source inside Edwards camp says that Edwards is denying everything and that he wants out of the presidential race. The reporter also tells you that Edwards camp is demanding a retraction from the story, and the paper is refusing. Youve got to be fucking kidding me, what the fuck. I worked in a newspaper for years where every once in awhile a story got dropped on the paper that everyone was denying. Then a few months later there would be a huge story on page A12 with a retraction letter on it. He ends up apologizing to you for dropping the story, but in the end it just comes out that Edwards is going to keep running and is going to sue the paper for making a huge profit off a lie. Then the other guy in Edwards camp is going to sue the Enquirer for spreading the rumor he is gay. I mean all this bullshit is going to take years to get through. You just ignore the storyYou dont care what Edwards is saying and you dont care if he is cheating on you; you are still going to vote for the man. You also dont give a shit about the other guy in Edwards camp, and if he did make a big deal out of Edwards being gay, it was a stupid thing to do. You get home and have a nice relaxing night of sleep, thinking of the things you will be able to accomplish in the next four years. The next day you receive a phone call from the Enquirer reporter. He tells you he is going to run Edwards story, and is asking if you would like to cover it. The Enquirer will be working hard to get this all correct and get it out as quickly as possible. Once they find Edwards, it will be a short, but explosive story. You hang up the phone and quickly log on to your computer. It is an amazing feeling being able to read the story like you had been able to on the phone.

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