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I mean, is this how we want our kids to grow. A whole race isnt inventing new artists. T even notice the police officers in back of you. Noticing your nervousness, one of the officers addresses you. Ve been arrested for the crime of inciting to riot in the first degree in relation to the picture you have on your phone. S a picture of your baby mamas fucking each other. I just got arrested for having sex on the Internet. Ll take you and your fucking photos to the nearest courthouse. You have no idea how to respond, except to just look up at the sky longingly. And so begins the long, drawn out process of getting questioned, searched, arrested, and thrown into the Klyton Penitentiary. You spend most of your time caged in your cell. In actuality, you spend a lot of time caged. Re allowed to visit only on regular business hours. The mage and the guards eventually succeed in breaking you out of the cell. Ve met in passing only two or three times in the past. Cyrus tells you that your charges will all be reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

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inter racial celebrities