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The followers number contain the number of followers on the respective accounts. Miley Cyrus, 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS, 3. Ellen Page, 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS, 4. Selena GomezThe Top 10 Celebrities with the Most Comments. Cameron DiazThe Following Photos and Videos are the Top 50, All in. JPEG format, So there we have it, the list of Top 50 Celebrities with the most followers on Instagram and followers on YouTube. As you can see it really is crazy how many folks have accounts with an absurd amount of followers. What do you think, would you use this list to gauge if a celebrity was a good match or not. Or perhaps you believe that there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you would like to get notified when we publish new articles and updates, you can keep up-to-date by social media, Twitter, Facebook and Google, or the Blog RSS. In the months leading up to the Super Bowl, sports fans across the nation prepare to watch the likes of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Cam Newton and the New York Giants take on the Denver Broncos. The game, which takes place February 7, is a nationally televised event, and as the most watched event on television, a large amount of TV time is devoted to this annual spectacle.

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