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Com You delete your Google accountYou go to your computer, log on and look at your latest tweets. Youre getting some pretty hilarious responses, but you decide to wait. You need to see what happens, youll have to be there in just a few minutes. You then see the notification that its time to leave. Its time to be with the man who will give you the answers youve been looking for. You head out the door and take a deep breath before starting to head towards your car. You just hope that you can survive the evening. You begin to driveYou pull your door open and begin to drive, the drive is much, much longer than you expected. The sun is shining which is actually a very nice change from the darkness of the woods, but you still have the same concerns you had in the woods: could he get away, could he hear you, could you make it back home without him knowing, could you even do it with a broken heart. However, its only when your car is just out of sight that you realize that your question for the man has been answered. A smiling man walks out from behind the crowd at the door of your car and begins to talk with you. Its your friend Jim from Friday Night Lights. He tells you that hes not an actor and really just plays on the side while hes at work, the reality is he has been a fan of yours since he read your book. You could say 30, but you would have to be lying to the rest of the world since you just turned 18 months ago. Question 2: Why do you live in Georgia. You could tell him your real reason, or you could tell him that you just moved here a few months ago for a job and now youre in a steady relationship and trying to figure out what direction to go for college. If you did, Jim would never take you seriously. Question 4: Were you in Friday Night Lights. Question 5: Did you write a book about football and life. Question 6: Why do you want me to meet Mr. Question 7: What do you want me to say to him. You dont really want to talk to him; you just want.

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