Inside Katie Price’s incredible 13th birthday party for daughter Princess including a puppy, a Louis Vuitton cake and pink balloons

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It was a party fit for a princess, but an emergency hospital dash almost derailed the day as Katie Price celebrated her eldest daughter’s 13th birthday.

As the former glamour model, 42, was throwing a bash for newly turned teenager Princess at her Sussex home, her 18-year-son Harvey fell ill with chest pains, prompting Katie to call an ambulance.

“There is always drama with me,” Katie, who is also mum to Junior, 15, Jett, six, and Bunny, five, tells OK! when we catch up with her once Harvey is safely home.

“Luckily, Harvey is fine, which is the most important thing,” says the star, who appeared in parliament days later to speak to a Petitions Committee about online abuse in her ongoing quest to pass Harvey’s Law (against internet trolling).

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After telling us about Harvey, who suffers from autism, ADHD and the genetic condition Prader-Willi syndrome, and her day in Westminster, Katie gives us all the details of Princess’ big day – which included a designer cake, lots of pink balloons and a very special new furry friend.

Katie lights up when she discusses her close bond with her ‘mini me’, who was allowed to join Instagram on her birthday – and racked up more than 35,000 followers that same day.

“Princess has started her own YouTube channel, too, and I definitely see her going into the industry when she is older,” Katie says of her blonde lookalike. “I can see her being an influencer or an actress, but I think all my kids will probably be performers.”

Well, if they take after their mum, it looks like we’re in for some interesting decades ahead…

Hi Katie, how did things go in parliament and what’s the latest with Harvey’s Law?

We’re waiting to hear the outcome of the hearing, but I stand by my word and I won’t stop fighting this cause against bullies on social media and virtual trolls until Harvey’s Law is passed. Not only to keep my own son Harvey safe, but to protect all those we love who are also at risk. No one is safe until legislation is put in place, so I will keep making a noise about it.

It also sounds like Princess’ 13th birthday was quite dramatic with Harvey falling ill…

There is always drama with me but I’m used to it. Basically, Harvey had chest pains during the day, so I panicked that he might have coronavirus. I was also terrified he might be having a heart attack, because he’s high risk due to his obesity. Harvey said he felt like he had needles in his chest, so I called an ambulance and had a friend come and look after the other kids. With Harvey and all his health conditions, you simply can’t mess about.

Did you manage to stay calm?

I always stay really calm in situations like that because I don’t want to worry the kids. Junior and Princess were fine, but poor Bunny was like, “Is Harvey going to be okay?” She was scared when she saw the paramedics attaching all these wires to him, but I explained it all to her. Then when Harvey was taken in the ambulance, Bunny was so cute, she kissed him and said, “Harvey I love you. You’re going to be okay.”

So what happened at the hospital?

They tested for coronavirus, which was negative. Then they ran more tests to check Harvey hadn’t had a heart attack or there was a blood clot. Thankfully, they didn’t find anything wrong. They said it may be a chest infection but he was able to come home that night. He’s okay, but he’ll have a check-up in a few weeks.

Did the scare halt the party?

Princess had opened all her presents, and done some filming for her YouTube channel, so she was happy. It didn’t spoil her day. The party was quite low key because of lockdown, just me and the kids. I did the house up all girly with loads of pink balloons and her cake had the Louis Vuitton logo on. It was gorgeous but it collapsed sideways because I had the heating on too high – it still tasted great though.

What presents did you buy her?

I got her a puppy and she’s besotted. He’s like her baby, and she’s been desperate for one since her last dog got run over. He’s called Rolo and he is a French bulldog. We went to Liverpool to choose him a few weeks ago and I thought she was going to cry.

And she’s now on Instagram…

Yes, she was so excited about getting her own account. I said she could have one when she was 13. Pete [Andre, Princess’ dad] wasn’t too pleased about that at first though.

Why wasn’t Pete happy?

Because Junior didn’t have Instagram until he was 14. But I explained that that was a couple of years ago and I am looking after Princess’ account, so it’s all fine. Pete is alright about it now. That’s what you do as parents, you discuss things, weigh up the pros and cons and then agree to disagree. No, seriously, we get on just fine and we are so proud of Princess and Junior.

Do you worry about Princess being on social media, given its dark side?

Yes and no. Trolls are everywhere but I monitor the whole thing, Princess is also really sensible – she has insight that most girls her age don’t have and is wise beyond her years because of being a child in the public eye. I know what teenage girls can be like, but Princess isn’t like that. She’d never send nude selfies to anyone – she’s too smart.

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Describe your relationship with Princess…

She’s been my princess since day one. She follows me everywhere. She’s like my little best friend and we do everything together. She is like me in every way, a complete mini me.

How would you feel if she followed in your footsteps by doing topless modelling or having plastic surgery?

She wouldn’t. Well, she says she won’t. I always say what the kids choose to do when they are older is up to them, but all of them have said to me, “Mum, I would never have surgery after the pain I’ve seen you go through.”

When she was a baby, you got some flack for saying she was “ugly”. Do you regret it?

I don’t regret saying that because not many babies are beautiful. Even Princess says it! She gets her old pictures out and says, “Mum, look how ugly I was!” I told her, “You weren’t ugly, it’s just that your eyes were so massive, so you looked like a little alien.” Princess is the perfect ugly duckling that has turned into a swan – I love that story, it’s so empowering.

Does Princess have a boyfriend?

What girl doesn’t at that age? It’s part of growing up. She doesn’t ask me for advice on boys, but I hear her on the phone to her mates. I know more than I let on, but that’s just being a mum.

Pete wrote Princess a birthday Instagram tribute, but admitted she can be “moody”. Is she going through that phase?

She’s never moody with me! Me and Princess never argue because we like the same things. Pete thinks Junior is moody too, but he’s just at that age where he wants to see his friends all the time, and as parents we are fossils who know nothing! It’s best to rise above it, as you can’t argue with hormones.

It sounds like you and Pete have a lot of respect for each other now…

It’s about time, it’s been 10 years. I think me and Pete should do an OK! shoot together. Imagine us, 10 years on. There’d be so much banter. It would basically be me saying, “Bloody hell, Pete, look how old you look, you need Botox!” We’ve learnt the meaning of compromise. It’s so much easier being civil than fighting. I guess we’ve grown up – and Emily’s great.

Speaking of exes, things have been tense between you and Kris, haven’t they?

Let’s just say I gave Kris the chance to step up to the plate, apologise and tell the truth, but I feel he chickened out to save face. I understand why, but it’s sad he just couldn’t say, “Sorry, Katie.“ Part of my mental growth is giving forgiveness, so I wish him happiness. If I ever cross paths with him, I’ll say hi.

That all sounds very mature…

Well, anger is a destructive toxic energy that eats away at your soul. Life is too short to be forever embroiled in tit for tat – you just have to know when to walk away.

Cake courtesy of Rebecca Carter at Perfect Parties in Essex. follow @Perfect_parties01 on Instagram.

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