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The two of you would have a bit of a difference in your view of the world. You dont even pay attention to what hes saying, your eyes are on his body-you notice that its even more muscular than when you saw him in the alley. Then you notice the leather jacket hes wearing; it was probably a gift for him from one of his former bosses. At first you didnt pay attention because he was just a young guy with a gun, but then he started to speak, with a slight Southern accent, and he said:Well, you see, my old man used to tell me the best way to avoid the law was to get myself a wife and kids when I was young. If I had grown up in the South and married a girl of twenty, Id probably be working for J. But my daddy passed away when I was fifteen, at which point my mom had to decide whether to raise me and my two younger sisters by herself or send me and the rest of the family to live with an aunt in an old peoples home out in the country. She chose to send me to live with an aunt, thinking that wouldnt be too bad, but it was, because Uncle Ed wasnt a family man. I got to know him through a series of bar fights he started, and one day he just turned me into a whore. Suddenly, you hear a gunshot and you turn around, seeing a young lady with dark hair and wearing a black dress steps in front of you and fires twice, one of the bullets hitting you in the chest. You refuse to let the killer go free. You raise your hands and start to crawl on all fours towards the woman, but something stops you in your tracks, and she shoots you again. You scream and wince as several of your ribs are broken. The woman steps back and slowly walks towards you, her face twisted with rage. She walks towards you slowly, raising the revolver up to your head and pulling the trigger. You still remain on the floor and there is no sign of the killer, however, as it appears the bullets of the gun just passed through her brain instead of landing inside her. She collapses backwards in a dead faint, leaving behind no evidence. You want to know the reason why I killed the woman who shot me. Morgan executive who hated the family for what it had become.

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infj personality celebrities