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For Duty First, In thePicture: Public DomainINFANTILISM The INFPs love of their children is second to none, and is something for which they are very grateful. The child is more than just a source of comfort for them. It shows the INFP that they are giving, and that they truly understand and care. INFPs are usually very fond of children, and they can display all the nurturing that their child needs as long as the child is safe. INFPS are often mothers, which is a reason to be particularly grateful for them. The INFP will often express great respect for their mother, and will probably even feel a special bond with their child. They are usually very devoted to their child, which is why INFPs will often display great love and sympathy for their own child. The INFP child-rearing skills are often better than any of the other child-rearing styles of the other eight personality types, because they are so devoted. If you are an INFP child, and you are the oldest, you will probably be loved the most. You will have the most love from your parents, and you will receive it in the most complete, honest, and sincere way. You will receive your love and affection for what you truly deserve, and so you will know no reason to complain. If you are an INFJ child, and you are the youngest, you will probably get the fewest love packages, because the INFJs love for their child is unconditional. If you are an ENFJ child, and you are the eldest, you will receive the most love. You will be the closest thing your parents have to a true gift to you. ENFJs are often generous in their gifts, and will give in a way that is genuine and genuine. If you are a Se-Fe child, and you are the youngest, you will probably receive the fewest love packages, because the Se-Fes love for their child is not based on any obligation to them. Their love is based on their love for you. They dont even have to know what kind of person you will become. In general, the children of the INFP and INFP parent are given the least love. The child who has no connection to either parent is given the most love, because the parent feels the most love for the child. They like spending time with their children. And they will do anything to make your life better. They are like a big, loving, loving, loving mother. They love their children and will do anything to make your life better.

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