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Kardashian was the FIRST celebrity to be open ABOUTIt was in that moment. The moment you became aware of every cell of your body, every inch of you. That moment you knew that the world was on your side. With their words, with their support and with their constant encouragement, despite the fact that they were more than a little shy about it at times you became the man you envisioned yourself to be being. You were about to embark on the rest of your life. For years, you continued to push through the difficulties you faced everyday. You continued to try your hardest and you did eventually have a child. Your husband and your children dont even know. You are a problem solver who finds a way to persevere. All it means is this: You may not be IN that category, but youre in the problem category. And in our society, problems dont get a lot of respect. You start your own organizationYou have every right to do what youre doing to change your situation in any way you want. Youre not a victim of societal ideals or societal expectations. Youre not a victim of something thats not your fault. You dont see how being an INFERTILE is going to help raise awareness about in vitro fertilization. Is your problem really gonna be the same as theirs. Youre gonna get all your goals accomplished, but youre not going to be able to enjoy them because youre not going to even have youve got things the way they need to be. You continue with your lifeIn spite of all your obstacles, youre going to per.

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