Individuals on this list are either native-born Arkansans or emigrants …

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Nicholson and Steenburgen, became best friends; they stayed in contact, and married. He was a wonderful man, a great writer, an even better friend and so on. NedMendelsonHey, there are a few celebrities from Arkansas on there. Mary Steenbergen was an Academy Award-winning actress from North Little Rock. Nicholson and Steenbergen were of course married in 1927 So its not exactly a non-issue, is it. The name Ned isnt a bad one Of course the problem is that the person who first posted this list, Ned Mendelson, is not the Ned you used to know. He was a notorious Internet troll who was banned from Twitter when users noticed he was trying to scam them out of money So why is this on the list. For one thing, many of the celebrities on here have been born, or lived, or even still live, in the state of Arkansas, so there is a certain affinity for the state. For another, Arkansas has an air of historical relevance, which is somewhat tied up in the fact that it was the state of President Andrew Johnson, who shot several Union soldiers during the Civil War, that granted Lincoln the Impeachment Resolution through which he could be impeached. And finally, the state is famous for many things: The movie Hoosiers was filmed here, the state song Rocky Top is an old west folk song, and it is also the birthplace of rock and roll, by the band The Everly Brothers, who famously performed at President John F. Kennedys funeral before he was assassinatedSo there you have it.

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celebrities from arkansas