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For example, Donald Trump has a huge base of support from people from movies to tv. Celebrity wisdom is-always a good assumption and the world will know. President will be turned aroundc0 Donald Trump may be a controversial president, but that doesnt mean he cant draw crowds. As of early Saturday morning, nearly 4,000 people had RSVPd on a Make America Great Again for President Trump event set to take place in Washington D. But there was one candidate, in this election, the mainstream media and the left were convinced they couldnt beat. The one candidate who drew massive crowds, who roused crowds every single day to rallies that even the national media ignored, who could say to the world I am the best thing thats ever happened to America. The fact that these protests are even happening now, five years after the electionwe have been seeing so many of these protests for so long, but thats really new. The reality is that Donald Trump is the president-elect, and for the next four to eight years, hes going to be the president of the United States. The left can tell you how many people marched in the streets in January of 2008because theyre counting it in their heads. There were millions of people outside a rally on Inauguration Day where Barack Obama was sworn in at the Washington Monument. But the reality is that Barack Obama never had the kind of crowds, and thats because he didnt have the kind of support of the people. So the left is saying we just need to hold more of these rallies. And to be honest with you, thats exactly what theyre doing. There are a lot of things that have to go right for a film to earn such an illustrious place in cinema history. Like, whodve guessed that the guy whose last credits included Warm Bodies and The Big Chill would eventually play a father who can barely manage to get his family onto an airplane. Of course, the filmmakers working on Pixels arent just hoping that their movie will become a classic, but they have.

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celebrities who support trump 2017