In the run-up to his 2016 presidential election, Trump earned a …

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In a bit of a departure, you find the latest celeb to endorse Trump, that of Sarah Palin. Who has gone on national TV to make the case for Trump on national TV. Youre already not exactly sure what to make of this; youre not one to be swayed by political spin, and you know that what really counts is the work itself. Youre going to take a hard look at this situation yourself and see if its worthwhile to keep or abandon the course youve set yourself on. Youve seen enough celebrity endorsements for months that youve lost a little respect for it, and youre fairly certain that some of the people endorsing Trump are getting paid off to do it. It seems like a conflict of interest from a basic understanding of the concept of morals and ethics. Plus, its kind of annoying to have people trying to sell themselves to you. The people theyve had to try to sell you on in the past have been a little. Besides, there are plenty of other people who have their own interests at heart, like your wife, or your kids. Its not like youll be swayed by a few peoples opinions. Well, maybe a few peoples opinions are worth listening to. You stay on courseYou might be swayed by a few peoples opinions, but this is a matter of your own conscience. Its best not to be swayed by people who sell themselves to you. You have to be on your own path, and not swayed by people who want to get you to change your mind. It would be wise to keep the celeb endorsements to a minimum, until you know for sure that Trump is the best candidate for the job. He just seems to be the one that the masses are responding to. You spend the next few days on your own path which is decidedly less glamorous, and certainly less celebrity-filled. Its a little harder because youre not in any position to take advantage of anything that is happening. You open it to a rather large man who looks to be in his mid-thirties. He is wearing a business suit, has no tie, and just looks like hes about to break every rule in the book. The mans eyes are squinted and his face is pale, but there is still a bit of life and vigor left in his face. Excuse me, but I believe you or a close relative can help me with something. He proceeds to open up his desk and retrieves a set of papers.

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