In the run-up to his 2016 presidential election, Trump earned a variety of …

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LINE, STOPThe line you say, pointing a finger in her face. You dont speak for all Americans sir. I do, you say, trying to make him stop lecturing her. I dont support her and I dont want her to lose. I see, he says, as if you just told him the sky is blue. Im not supporting her because of what she did to you, she says. Im supporting her because of what she did to the other contenders. As if you can just choose between two people and make a choice. You feel like youre being lectured by a school yard bully. For the same reason Im voting for her, you say, attempting to be as polite as possible. Im not taking any more legal shit from you or your stupid podcast. If you were doing your job itd be over by now. You wouldnt be taking any more shit from me if you were doing your job, you say. So I think youre a poor excuse for a comedian. If you were doing your job, you wouldnt be putting yourself through this, she says, her eyes flitting from you to your backpack, then back to you. You ask, not willing to give her a reason. Then youre not doing yours, she says. I want you out of this industry; I dont want you in it. So youll just have to fucking do what I say. Now I want you to leave this fucking club, and go to wherever it is you go to work. The only thing you can think of to do is to go home, but you cant find your keys. Youre about to give up hope when you notice that the man with the walkie-talkie is staring at you as if he wants to say something, but hes restrained from doing so by.

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what celebrities support trump