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They, This article originally appeared on Medium and is republished with permission. A large-scale research study has found that nearly half of the countrys scientists believe that human activity is driving climate change, and that more than two-thirds of climate scientists support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, YC-PCC, surveyed 2,400 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS, in a three-part questionnaire, asking how many climate researchers said they believe or agreed that human activity was significantly causing global warming. The researchers also asked how many respondents said they strongly agree with each of five statements:1. Humans play a significant role in changing the climate. Humans should take steps to limit climate change, such as limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Climate models are accurate and the impacts of climate change are well understood. The public debate over climate change is not well informed. Public health and global welfare are not substantially affected by climate change, even if it is caused by human activity. The results of the survey show that scientists are evenly divided between strongly agree and strongly disagree with a majority of both scientists believing that humans are causing some level of climate change. The survey also found that climate scientists generally support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant, regardless of ideology. When asked whether or not a cap-and-trade bill or pricing scheme for carbon dioxide would improve the environment and the economy, the majority of scientists agreed. The vast majority of American scientists are concerned about the pace of global climate change, and nearly two-thirds support taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow the increase in global temperatures, David A. Fahrenthold and David Gelernter, co-authors of the study, said in a statement. These results reveal that public policy on climate change needs to be driven by scientists, not the other way around. Scientists say they see climate change as happening, and they support regulating it as a pollutant. So its not surprising that a majority of the American public and even the majority of GOP presidential candidates agrees, as do many of the voters that the IPCC study polled, as well as the scientists. Last year, President Obama announced a carbon dioxide cap on power plants, putting a limit on how much carbon dioxide power plants can pump into the atmosphere, which in turn will force them to use more renewable energy. Environmental Protection Agency was given 20 months to come up with a plan to implement the cap, which it has now done. The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication surveyed nearly 2,400 scientists in the U.

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