In fact, many celebs are looking scary unhealthy, leading …

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You try to get him to go to a rehab centerHell only see a shrink, you know. But youll have to talk to the singeractor at least, he has the power to get attention for this organization. Youll need the help of a well-known name to get some type of result. A lot of celebs, especially the Hollywood stars have been smoking too much and taking lots of drugs. Youll need to try and get celebrities to try to get them out of the downward spiral. You try to get him to help youSanjay Dutt, the star from, the king of Bollywood. You know hes a chain smoker, but youll try to get him to stop smoking, so you can get him to smoke, and stop him from getting into trouble by telling Sanjay to go to rehab.

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