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Many famous actresses have only ever shared a one-name identity. Oh, youre a fan, and youre a lot smarter than I give you credit for. I could have told you all this a lot sooner. After a few minutes, you finally arrive at the home of your friends. The place doesnt look particularly different from the rest of the house. The group of people you see, however, are a little different. The leader of this place, whose family name is Cyrus, is a man wearing a hooded black robe with a red cross over it. They are a bit younger than your friends, but they arent kids any longer. Looking at their eyes, you can tell that all of them are adults, and you have no idea what this house is. You say out loud, as loud as you can. Cyrus takes a few seconds to look you over, but he doesnt react to that. Im Cyrus, leader of this group, and you have no right to speak to me like this. You have no right to speak to me like this. You shout, and then you point at your face, and make a face, and go back to your room to change clothes, because you dont feel like dealing with any of this. When you wake up in the morning, you find that everything has been made even worse by your actions the night before; the sun is up early, and that means its time for you to get up and do something as a normal human. Still, you didnt do anything particularly bad. You felt some kind of unpleasantness from the night before, but that faded after the morning and its now left as just that. Nothing you can do about it and youre not going to start now. The first thing you do, is get out of bed and change clothes. You dont feel like dealing with this right now. Then you decide that when you get off the bus and into the main part of town, that you wont be so bothered with feeling normal. You walk along the path, which is slightly narrowed as there is more traffic during the day. The way you look at the world hasnt changed all that much since that night years ago.

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