In an exciting 2016 World Series, the Chicago Cubs won …

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Html,:,2c2c2c2c2c2, You go to the Cubs World Series partyNo chance, but the idea just popped into your head. You visit the Cubs World Series partyThe night of the Cubs World Series party is a great time to go. They are throwing one of the best parties anywhere. The party is being held at The Wharf, a cool restaurant and bar in the heart of Millennium Park. The event is being sponsored by the Chicago Park District, and the Cubs have given the city a little extra attention this year. The city is in a celebratory mood, and there will be more than a few people trying to get your attention. It is also a great time to be in the Cubs organization and the city of Chicago. You arrive at the Wharf, and find that it is pretty much full. You meet several other people there, but your initial impression is that this is an open-door party, so you are free to drink as much as you wish. B music, which you do not like. There are also some men there, but you also have a hard time seeing them from your table. After several more beers, and some more girls dancing, you leave the Wharf and walk towards Millennium Park. You see plenty of people there, and you enjoy yourself. You end up at Millennium Park, where you sit on the grass and watch the Cubs take on the Detroit Tigers in Game Two of the World Series. However, you are not too happy with what you are seeing. The game is being played in a big, open field, so all kinds of people are milling about. You see a bunch of men there, which reminds you slightly of the people from earlier, but they seem slightly older. The women seem slightly younger, but they will still be enough to attract your attention. You continue to look for some sort of people-watching spot in the park, but you discover that the Cubs are hosting a party at the top of the Wrigley Field scoreboard, which overlooks the field. You are not going to be going up to the top of Wrigley Field on the Cubs party bus, so you join in on the celebration on Wrigley while it is still going on.

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cheat sheet sports celebrities root chicago cubs html