In 2011, she infamously tweeted, The average woman farts 15 times that…

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S always nice to know something is going right and is being made fun of. S still a little early to tweet about this right. A little later you hear the siren of a police car and the noise of the sirens gets weaker. You say and put your head on the pillow. Re up for a while, but eventually you start to feel tired. The next day you are a little better, but then you get tired again. D probably have to leave it running at all times. Your stomach rumbles as you wait for it to stop. You look around a bit and try to find a cheap motel in a bad part of town. You might be able to find something nearby. In any event, you have some time to kill. Re at the closest motel and a manager answers the door. M going to be running all over town to get a few last minute things tomorrow. Ve never heard of the place, but Mr. Krum was a known guy that used to work here before he gave his current apartment to some girl he was having an affair with. She lived in this motel as well so he had a place to crash here before moving on to his new girlfriend. S got a good head on her shoulders. Looks more like a young punk from the trailer park down the street. Yeah, but she had a really good personality and she was really attentive to the guests that used to stay here. The other girls never wanted to stay here because the owner was such a dick to them and made them do all the work. One of my other responsibilities is the cleaning and maintenance of the motel.

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female celebrities farting