In 2006, the news broke: Jackie Chan from Rush Hour did a porno…

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Do you really want to be a porn star. You dont want to be a porn starYoure not interested in being a porn star, youre not interested in any type of acting. Youre just not interested in it, and you want to keep that fact a secret from everyone. After all, youre only 21, youll likely be on your way to the real world by the time youre in your late twenties. In fact you actually dont even want to be a porn star. You just want someone to not tell the truth to, and make you believe that you actually did want to be a porn star. You want to try to remain anonymous if possible, but you know that it will be a challenge to do so. You start putting on a long distance phone call to your boyfriend, Alex. My family would probably really freak out if they found out I got paid to suck a dick. I mean, I just want to be known as a cool person, but I know I cant do that. I cant fuck anything but gay dudes or white guys. I have no more boyfriends except for your friend Justin. Drew, you can be whatever you want to be. The more you put out, the more people youll meet and maybe, youll meet someone who could help you change your life for the good. You hang up the phone and quickly get dressed. You walk through the front of your house and into your basement. And try to watch some TV shows on mute. The only thing you can really focus on is you. After a while, you stop and sit in front of your computer. You close your eyes and think about whatever it is youre going to tell Alex about. You take a deep breath and press play. No matter what type of porn you do, it is unlikely that you will ever become a real star. Its hard enough on your body, and youre not even doing anything that requires great talent. Youre just the same old run of the mill sex addict that everyone else has to deal with. You were a sex addict before it was cool.

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celebrities who ve done porn