Imagine being on the recieving end of that act of celebrity kindness…

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S going to kill you in a couple days. Re making you feel like shit on a regular basis. You hug Julie and say your goodbyes. Ve been living in this shitty rundown cabin for the past year. T enough money to pay for an actual place to live here. A knock on your door draws your attention. Well, you do remember me from that party right. You need to move out of here as soon as possible. Re sick in the head Julie and got your hormones in overdrive.

There are two kinds of stars: those who deserve a little respect and those who dont. The star of the little respect group is the one who does something like that. There is also one more: the one who deserves a lot of it, but doesnt. You arent sure, but it isnt you. Then again, you have no idea what the hell happened to everyone else. Even if they are nice, even if they have done the most admirable things for you, theyre still not you. No, you must be the one who doesnt deserve to be treated like that. And so, you turn to your old, cruel tricks. You get up in their face and say: Why dont you leave. Thats right, you really did say Why dont you leave. You stand there for a few minutes in silence and they just disappear. Its only then that you notice the bottle that you dropped on the ground. You dont know whatll happen next. Maybe youll get even with them later on. And so, you end up drinking themselves into a coma. With all that said, you still have no idea what is truly going on and you dont want to find out, but you have to try to be the hero. You head out of your room, take some quick and dirty measures to get in contact with the others and you leave the house. You make sure to bring enough food with you and start walking to the city center. Then, you remember you left the keys in the car. You take them out and youre on your way. You keep heading to the city centerYou keep heading to the city center. You dont really care where the hell youre going, youre more interested in trying to see if the others have followed you anywhere. You get a few people to follow you, Even a few teenagers, but no other one seems to be following. You think maybe they got into a fight in the house or something, but you arent going to find out. Except, now there is a massive crater in the center of it.

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