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Some of the people in my family are allegedly involved. There is a conspiracy to keep you, and most of your kind, in the dark. Your families and loved ones, and the rest of humanity are being used as pawns by an unholy force bent on enslaving us all. The truth has so far eluded us, though this may change. The truth is already here and the powers that be just want to keep it hidden from you. The Illuminati are the mysterious, yet well known secret society that rule the world. They are responsible for the Illuminati signs, symbols and symbols. The Illuminati are the ones pulling the strings of the governments, making sure your taxes are being spent wisely, the Illuminati are the ones behind the Illuminati conspiracy theories, the Illuminati are the ones behind the secret societies, the Illuminati are the ones behind Hollywood, Scientology, Satanism, the Freemasons and even the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the ones behind the hidden symbols and symbols that control our lives. It would seem that the Illuminati really do exist. You believe thisLet it be known, that as of right now, you believe this conspiracy theory. Many of your family have been caught up in the Illuminati conspiracy. They are being used as agents of evil, to control you. However, the conspiracy is spread even amongst those who are not related to you. I assure you that you are not the only one who believes this. Perhaps this will cause people to start looking for the truth, and maybe it will make you realize that you have been living a lie all this time. Ve been unable to completely detach yourself from any of your old emotions. Ve been causing you no end of pain. Re going to feel it more than me. M not doing this because I care about you. T get my needs met, I get angry.

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