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You think about all the Illuminati-symbols and signs that you have seen all over the place, but you cant pin-point any single place or person to be responsible for them. Plus you have no idea if the signs and symbols have any meaning or not. All you know is that they are everywhere and now it appears that not only do they control music, movies and tv shows, and even some fashion, but they may now also control your thoughts. You need to do somethingAs much fun as it is to question a system or person, you decide that you really need to do something about this NOW, so you head to your computer and begin searching the net. You enter a forumYour browser makes you think. There are also thousands of websites, so its a daunting task to sort through them all to find the few relevant ones. You enter a forum and type in the keyword Illuminati. What you find is a lot of people talking about their conspiracy theories, but you dont see anyone that is claiming that the Illuminati are controlling peoples thoughts and movements, in any shape or form It would appear that most people that are into conspiracy theories are just people who are very opinionated, or dont believe in a lot of things. They arent necessarily against the Illuminati, but they just dont give a shit about them, which is also a valid point if you ask them. You dont think anything of it, since people tend to be less paranoid than you may think. You decide to just go through the rest of the posts. After a few minutes you come across a thread on a conspiracy forum that is related to the Illuminati. I just found out today that I am a high ranking Illuminati member. I am sure there are probably dozens of people like me, but I cant say for certain because I have not told anyone about it. I mean I dont even know if the Illuminati are still in business. There has been a few discussions on this thread, but the forum doesnt allow anonymous posts to keep the paranoia down, and I am not about that. So today I just went to their real website and typed in illuminati into the search bar and thats when I found out I was a member. You need to do something, maybe if you tell anyone about your discovery, they will believe you are crazy, or if they dont. Well maybe they wont, but even then it will be fun. You spend some time going through every conspiracy you can find, but there are none that seem to be true. After a few hours you end up giving up, you will have to do something else with your time.

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illuminati and celebrities