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Yeah, I mean Id always thought I recognized someone from those old cartoons. I dunno, I was eight years old when I first saw the old cartoons. I mean I suppose it makes sense, you know, Usain Bolt is a pretty tall guy and he was the fastest man alive who never got hurt in the cartoon. I mean if it was me, Id look a lot different. Id probably be skinny and gaunt and definitely have curly hair. You know, Im not the only one whos noticed the similarity. Ive actually had people tell me about your description of me and its actually really flattering, Mandy says. But, you know, Im a pretty big girl too. Im sure I would look a lot different if I was one of those cartoons action heroes. You think Im some action hero chick who gets into trouble and gets rescued by the likes of Captain Planet. It spread to my bones and I was only a year old when doctors told me it was terminal. At five years old I barely survived a car accident when I was hit by a drunk driver. You survived this horrific life, only to die of cancer. But I cant help but think my life, my potential, has been reduced to such a point. I havent even had a boyfriend since I was sixteen. You stand up and take a deep breath in, exhaling with a shaky hand. I know this must seem like a crazy thing, but Ive been dying.

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celebrities with scoliosis