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They all get randomly selected from a pool of allies and friends. Ve already had to cancel meetings for days because of it. M also not sure if getting a few celebrities on the list is even a good idea. Power means you can get what you want. T want THEM to have a say in what your organization is being run for. Ll probably be dealing with celebrity politicians in this case. S how they are going to get things done. D likely get what you want from them, too. The other option is to just break your association with the DL. Do you even want their help. D love to stick with them as long as you have. Re going to have to figure out how to do that without going directly to them. You start thinking that maybe they are a little too comfortable around you, but a little bit of friendly flirting with the celebrities might be appropriate at this time. Eventually, the association with the DL is complete and you feel more than a little guilty about all this. No more will you be running a shadow organization under any other auspices. S used to getting paid to have people around.

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