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I, ncluding the Top 100 Hottest Popular Female Stars. M getting involved in this mess, I might as well be one of the villains rather than trying to steer clear of it. Nina says, walking over to you and giving you a hug. So are you going to tell me to just shut up or tell me this shit is important and I need to hear it. Nina has put you in a more sympathetic state of mind. You spend the rest of the day trying to convince the rest of the kids that you need to just leave. Everyone is receptive, even the ones who are against it, but they all have their own things to do. You just know some of the gang is going to eventually rebel anyway, you just have to keep pushing for it. T bother coming here anymore either. Re thinking about all this, you also start to notice all the people surrounding you, which has only really been happening a few times in the past. A small voice says, startling you out of your thoughts.

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