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S more convenient than a computer, because you never need to have a computer to do anything. S a little desk in front of your face. S no need to have to go up to a desk. S more convenient to use a mobile phone, because there is less work for you to do on a computer. Ve been doing something more productive with those minutes instead. T go back to studying on your computer anymore. S nowhere to hide if the NSA decides to raid your house. Ll have to have a private computer at home to keep your secrets from prying eyes. D like to be able to be on the social web without being monitored. If you use a mobile phone, you could still go to the same place. D just need to go to a different place. Ve been using your phone to take a photo of that cute guy you saw at the ice cream place. D really like to do that on your computer. Mobile phones are a lot easier for you to hold in your hand. S because you like keeping your hands free for other things. Ve been trying to keep your hands free more.

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