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You go on to list a couple others from the local scene. You then start listing off people living in places you dont even know anything about. You think to yourself, Who the hell is the owner of all of these places and why am I listing him as my friend. You turn to your friends who have all but gotten out of the game. Im an outsider and I dont feel like I belong here. I dont see myself as a friend of the owner and Im not going to list this guy as a friend. Your friend stares at you before turning back to the owner. So just because Im listed as such, doesnt mean Im friendly with him. Your friend asks the owner, This is like listing a guy that works at McDonalds as your friend just because he works at McDonalds. You dont list this guy as your friend, you just see him as a potential source of information on the bar scene that currently exists in this city. Alright who are you and what do you want from me. You take a quick look around and see the owner has chosen to stay in his room. The first being that there is a window facing out to the front of the bar and it is open. He could be watching you and waiting for the right time to jump in the middle of the conversation and leave. The second is that you see the owner is hiding something. Your eyes widen when you see a man emerge from one of the rooms in your wall and walk over to the front of the house. He seems curious about what all of you are saying and his demeanor shows that he is not sure of what he is looking for. He keeps looking around and you can see him looking down at his feet to ensure he is being seen. He looks back towards you and doesnt even acknowledge your presence. You are going to tell him where to find the bar at which point he will be more inclined to listen to you.

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celebrities that live in san diego