If you think size matters in Hollywood, think again…

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If you think size matters in Hollywood, think again. These short celebs prove that a little goes a long way. Weve compiled a list of 34 short celebrities, including Lady Gaga, who are under 53 and some of them might shock you.

It was the funny names that got me started when I started working on this list in the first place. This is one I will continue to pore over the next post. You know, the first time I ever saw a person who looked a lot like me, I felt like he was saying, Thank you. As the actor is well aware, its not really the size of the person that is the most important thing in their identity, its the size of the camera. In fact, in order to understand celebrity, you really have to understand the relationship we have with cameras. Theyre going to make us look small, but in a flattering way, he explains. People think were in a race with each other, but we arent; we dont compete with each other. Theres more to our relationships with celebrity than just the size of the camera. In fact, it goes beyond the size of the camera altogether. Were not just people who are doing this for fame and fortune; were doing this for our survival, he says. So theres a deeper connection with each other. People are more connected than they think. So, while the average person may see a tall, good-looking actor in a bathing suit at their local mall and say, Oh my god, thats crazy, theyre missing the point. Im not a celebrity; Im another person, he explains. Im a person like you and I know how to make a living, and I know how to be happy, so the fact that Im in the entertainment business is a great thing its just that Im not very good at it. Its kind of like going to a strip club and getting a lap dance, Lee says.

Dont be stuck on a small characteristic, try to see a pattern. And remember, celebrities who are under 53 are sometimes quite short, and it makes sense for their characters to be short.

This information about Shortest celebrities

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