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We all should just stop avoiding others with eczema and start talking. These tips will help sooth your eczema. These tips also help when others see your eczema. You should keep discussing these tips with others on your web site. Here, here, is a handy little information sheet. You dont need helpYou decide not to bother telling everyone about your eczema, you dont really have time to deal with strangers not taking you seriously. You continue to talk to the people around you about all the tips youve found. Finally you decide to find out if any of them can really help you. Shaving helps reduce the skin growth you experience and the bald spots you have. You shave and continue to talk to people about the tips youve received. You continue to get tips about keeping the sun off your skin. The sun can damage your skin over time and you need to get the sun out of your eyes. You learn that sunscreens and lotions contain natural ingredients that help protect your skin. You can also eat the right foods to keep the proper amount of vitamin D levels. You continue to talk about these tips, and as time passes youre given more and more tips and advice. Eventually you realize your life might change. Youve got a job as an office worker at a computer company and youre about to start a new job. Youre going to be moving to a new apartment soon and youre going to need help in finding your home and finding a place to live. At the same time, youve been diagnosed with a few serious health problems. Itll probably come back, it just isnt sure when. You wonder if youre going to live through your retirement years and then get cancer. Maybe something is going to come back and take you apart. While all this is going on, you feel like youre living a lie. You feel like youre living in the past and not living your life to the fullest. You feel like youre living like a second-rate human being in comparison to how the rest of the world is living. Its harder than a lot of your physical problems and its keeping you from living a life of true happiness. While youve lived a good life, youve never really lived it to its fullest potential.

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