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The games are a lot more to it than that though, the most important thing is that they ARE fun. The second thing is that you need to do it every now and then in your life. T feel like a complete slave to the system. Do we still have the big party tomorrow. Eliza asks while you leave the basement. At this point your friend walks up beside you. But you remember the first time we were all out here and you said to me, you said you wanted to have fun today. Ve tried to do a long time ago. I suppose the idea still came to me at one point or another, but you know what. M not really a guy that likes to get too involved. You both look at each other, smiling, and then hug goodbye. You smile to yourself and realize that you are finally out of the basement. As the sun sets, you begin to think about everyone you left home. While you have a new group of friends in school, you wish you had everyone at the farm for the summer as well. You walk around the yard and try to find some kind of mood music. You find a classical one by a composer whose name.

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