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If youre a celebrity, you can count on me to be able to assist you. I have access to the most of their personal information, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts. What you want to find out is where you can find them, what events theyll be attending tomorrow, and the places they can be found. You can even ask me some questions. Im going to make this very easy for you and I guarantee youll have success. When youre ready to proceed, hit the button below to get started. The name you entered is: AmandaDate of Birth: 03-Jan-1983Address: 13-Lincoln StreetCity: LondonState: ONPost Code: N6B 4P1Country: United KingdomIs this you. You open your eyes and feel an unfamiliar sense of dread. The room seems different, but its too late to turn around now. You walk over to where you remember your friend was standing and stand in front of the table. You turn to face the door of the trailer that Amanda entered and look behind you. Amanda stands just inside the doorway and looks up at you. I know your friend was in the garage, Amanda says as she points up at the trailer. While you look, you hear footsteps coming up from behind the wall and then you hear another thud, this one falling slightly short of the floor. You hear a low growl from behind the wall and then the door pops open. She walks over and opens the door, stepping inside. You stand there for a moment, looking at the carnage that is her house.

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