If they looked more alike, wed swear they were related…

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You can even put something simple like a cat on yourself to see if you can find your best lookalike. Ill be monitoring the page, and Ill be sending you all the time updates. If you get any good ones, or if you see any of them that are a little off, just email me at email protected You could add them to your Best Celebrity Look-alikes photo album on Facebook. That way, you can always remember who you look like. A photo or photo essay of yours would also be pretty effective and pretty useful for the book youre going to write. Sigh, Well, since youre probably still upset that I didnt put another model in the book, I guess Ill throw a bone your way. Sigh, All right then, a photo of you with a blonde woman with big breasts. Okay, Ill send you the link in a few minutes. Sigh, Well, I suppose I better keep you posted on how my little side project is going. But first, I got a little side project of my own to show you. She slides you into a chair and turns to start stroking your cock, Mmm, a treat. And, licking and sucking sounds followed by gagging, mmm, sooo gooood, sucking, Im loving licking up your, licking, cum. Sooo delicious, sucking Sucking, You like seeing a hot, sexy, blonde bombshell sucking your cock like a nice girl. It makes you feel, sucking, good, dont you think. Sucking, I bet you, Sucking, would just love to show this big fat load of, licking, seed all over me, dont you. More sucking sounds, Do you like seeing a hot, sexy, blonde bombshell get down on her knees and worship your cock like a good girl. Sucking, I bet you, licking, would, licking, love to, licking, shoot your hot, creamy load all over my face licking, my face, licking, and into my warm, licking, wet, licking, mouth. More lapping, Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my.

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