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I dont really have anything else to say and its been an eventful day. As for the flight cancellation- I would have stayed on the line but my flight was delayed so I had to leave right after I checked in but I managed to get to my gate before I knew it. The flight itself was fine, I had to wait about 15-20 minutes in-flight for the flight attendant to get back to talk to me and once I did she was very kind about it. I was also told it was expected that I go through security to arrive at the gate room. You continue to talk to himI decided the best thing to do would be to continue chatting with him as long as he was on the line and since he was willing to hear me out I figured it wouldnt hurt to try talking to him for a while. He asked when I was about to take my phone out of my pocket and text my friend asking her to let me know if the last flight had been canceled by tweeting about it. My name is your name Im a your name and I play your name in a band called your band nameWait, so what band are you in. Were a metal band called your band nameReally. Did you research it and come up with it or was it a random choice. Well what other bands do you play in. We play a mixture of other genres and just our band is our main focus. OK and how long has your band been around. Oh, like six- seven years now. And how did you guys decide to form a band. Not only did he want to find out more about my own life but he seemed to truly think that we would connect well and actually like each other. It was nice to know there were people that were genuinely interested in me and not just my music. At first it took me a bit to answer his questions and then I had some difficulty in answering the questions that he had asked. So I stopped answering them and answered them as they came up instead. I tried to answer them in a way that seemed like it was going to be on topic for me. So I guess youre just doing this for fun. Nah, I mean I guess so, but I also like what I do because I love playing music.

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