I love that Jimmy Hoffas final resting place is no longer a secret…

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Oh well you cant beat the big Eddie picture. The more you do this, the more you feel that you are actually getting somewhere. You get to the end of part two and you feel like there is a lot of interesting information in there. Just as well then, because part three is going to require a trip to a remote and isolated location. T have anything to do, you begin to go through all of your old tapes, and start watching them one at a time. S during the middle of this, that your phone rings. S your sister on the other side of the country. M on the main road, no need to follow me. S actually going to be on the property just yet. S actually going to be over my house. Ve done so yesterday and not some fucking week ago. Suzy, what the hell is it that you think might be going on here.

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