'I Love a Mama's Boy' star Matt says going lingerie shopping for his girlfriend with his mom wasn’t odd

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EXCLUSIVE: Kim never anticipated that she would be in a love triangle with her boyfriend’s mother.

The California threesome is one of many featured in TLC’s new reality TV series, titled “I Love a Mama’s Boy,” which follows four women competing with overly-attached matriarchs for the affection of their seemingly clueless boyfriend.

Matt, 28, who's dating Kim while his mother Kelly aims to be the No.1 woman in his life, told Fox News it was a no-brainer for cameras to capture what their lives are really like, even if it leaves some therapists scratching their heads.

“I think what compelled us to do it was the fact that we have a story to share,” he explained. “We are very close. We all live under the same roof. And I have to deal with my relationship with Kim and then my great relationship with my mom. So we thought, and TLC thought, that this was something America should see.”

Kelly (left), Kim (center) and Matt are featured in TLC’s new reality TV series, titled ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy.’

Kim, 25, saw the red flags early on. She and Matt met through a dating app and, according to her, his profile was filled with pictures of him and Kelly together.

“I just thought that they were close like a normal mother/son would be,” she admitted. “I guess it just progressed over the years. They opened up to me more, and I realized how often they call, text each other. And they truly are best friends.”

In one shocking scene, Kelly, 56, and Matt are seen shopping together at a lingerie store to pick out sexy or “spicy” underwear for Kim, as Kelly called it. The goal? To heat things up in the bedroom.

In the show, Kelly decided to help her son after noticing a lack of noise while strolling the halls of her home at night.

Once the pair picked out a titillating lace teddy for Kim to wear, Matt decided to buy a matching silk robe for both his mother and girlfriend.

“I’m not a therapist or a psychologist, but that’s going to be an issue,” said one horrified saleswoman in the series.

Matt said he didn’t find anything odd about the shopping experience.

“We’re very close,” he explained. “Mom and I have never had too many boundaries. So for me saying, ‘Hey, I’m going to go get lingerie for Kim, do you want to go with me?’ And she knows about Kim and I being under the same roof with her, so I was completely comfortable with it.”

“We spiced it up,” Kelly chimed.

“Yeah, she helped spice it up,” Matt added.

Kim is no doubt frustrated that her love life is getting smothered by her prospective mother-in-law. However, Kelly remarked that she simply “needs to get over it.”

“I mean, Matt and I knew each other first, right?” she said. “And I feel that’s something Kim needs to get over. I think we’re doing great. Matt and I are doing great.”

Matt also doesn’t seem to be fazed.

“I think Kim is a trooper,” he explained. “I mean, she’s made it over three years now in this. I think that we got the system down. I think Kim and I have a strong enough love that we can make this all work. And if we have to one day create some boundaries, that’s something we can look into. I know Kim would rather us do it this morning, but that might be something we have to do later on. I’m confident that everything will work out.”

As for Kelly, she doesn’t believe there’s anything disturbing about the bond she shares with her beloved boy, even if it means Kim feels like the third wheel.

“I believe people think we are too close, and the reality is we feel it’s normal,” said Kelly. “It’s natural how close we are, and it’s been that way since he’s been a baby. And I’m assuming it’s going to be that way for the rest of our lives.”

“We’re just very close,” said Matt. “I feel like people will misconstrue that. But you have to ask yourself, wouldn’t you want to be really close with one of your parents?

“I’m constantly in the middle,” he claimed. “I’m sweating right now being between them. This is always happening. If Kim wants her and I to head one way in our life and then Mom chimes in, it kind of weighs on me because I have this need to want Mom’s opinion. I value Mom’s opinion. I always have. And I know that my mom would guide Kim and I in the best way. And Kim thinks that we should learn on our own sometimes.”

Kim is aware that some women would walk away from such an arrangement. However, she’s hopeful that in the end, love will conquer all.

“The relationship that Matt and I have makes me stay,” she said. “I’ve never had such a strong connection with somebody. Matt and I are best friends, too. But having Kelly be part of the dynamic definitely makes things more challenging. But for me, it’s worth it, having that relationship with him and potentially a future as well.”

But Kelly had one stern warning for Kim: she’s not leaving anytime soon.

“I feel good in this relationship,” she said. “I’m right on top and everybody has their position in the family. And it’s working well.”

“I Love a Mama’s Boy” is currently available for streaming.

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