I just took a DNA test, turns out Im 100 that bitch…

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Well I think you need to take one. I think you need to take a DNA test. Ll be fucking shit up in the long run. Now are you really an exclusive model, a famous actress, or something equally as good. S a few extra zeroes going to do. I dunno, but whatever you do you better hurry up. You leave the strip mall with your DNA kit and proceed to check out the various clothing and accessory stores. As you browse, you see a few of the more famous super models walking through. Two of them in particular catch your eye. S also staring at you the whole time and that is an entirely new and unsettling feeling. You say to yourself, but then you pause. T help but wonder if his hands are all over her. You shake your head at the thought and continue your search. Re staring at you with a mixture of curiosity and disgust. Re thinking about it, the more you start to realize you may have made a major mistake in coming to town.

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