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No Boys from the UK were marked either. I am not saying that all our celebrities come from the UK. There may still be more UK boys with the same name with the same picture as Boys From the UK. In fact, we may still have many of them. Forget the whole thing about them being from the UK. There are many with almost same name and photo in the UK that are not included here. So, it is not that easy for us girls to choose them. I am not saying that British Girls dont choose them. But, I am saying that it is a thing that is difficult for us to do. Because, the photo of them does not match with a real person that we know. Because some do have a similar name, and that makes it hard. I mean, I like some girls with the same name with similar picture, and that is enough for me to list them here. EditThe problem with British Girls is that they only choose the name of either, or both, British Boy to their pictures. Their photos do not match at all with them. So, I am going to list them here with the name of the boy as well as the photo that I think he has. There are a lot of them, so I am going to do it once every 3 days. So, this is why we call them celebrity, or any other term, pictures, so that you can avoid them. You will find more if you do a search. However, if you prefer a less random list, here it is:Celebrities without Male Name Pictures, Boys From UKHere is the list of the British Boys from UK. If theres anyone else out there with this name, please leave a comment about them.

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list of male celebrities