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The Tears Of An Angel Music Video is Out Now. I Wish There Wasnt So Many of Those. The new year arrives with more new hope and new problems. For Ariana, she has started to worry about her parents and tries to spend all her time with them. They are all looking forward to her coming home soon. Eager for a bit of alone time, Ariana takes advantage of the first night of her absence and takes a little walk in the park with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. While she is doing that, Kurt suddenly goes into a bit of a tirade. T understand why you go there at all. Ve been here for less than a year. Why should we get to hang out by ourselves all the time. S expression immediately changes to one of hostility. Kurt starts to look around and then suddenly lunges forward and punches Ariana in the face. It is at this point Ariana instinctively backs up and Kurt rushes her. As he does, Ariana falls to the ground and pulls her cell phone from her pocket. Kurt says with an upset voice when Ariana picks up the phone. But Ariana is already dialing and the person on the other end is Courtney Love. Aria runs to the bathroom to fetch her cell phone and then locks herself up. Kurt tries to calm her down who does not stop. The worst part is, she is right, Courtney loves Ariana. Ariana was the one who wanted to hang out with you.

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