I always wished that I was gay, that I was 100 percent …

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It makes me realize how much Ive learned. And now, Im going to go watch Dope. You begin to panic that you have failed to make any progress with Karen and you feel like you have failed. You dont know what to do and the situation is getting worse by the minute. You go back to your computer and go back through your notes again. You wait for Karen to get back, then tell her what to do and hope that she does. You wait and wait again and you are so stressed out you fall asleep. A few hours pass and you are awakened by a phone call. Good, but I dont want you coming here right now, I have to talk to you privately. You dont want to say anything to this girl, but you arent in a position where you can say no. You are nervous, but not too much, you tell the operator you have to come over and then hang up. You then immediately turn on your computer, you decide to take a nap on your desk for the rest of the day. Eventually, you do get home and you start to panic a little, but you manage to focus on the phone call. Hey Karen,Sorry I havent been able to call sooner, was pretty stressed out. I know you have been working so much lately, but is it really that bad. I know they are bad, I know they are really really bad. I mean Ive been with you for years and never thought it would ever happen, I mean its just not possible. When was the last time you had to deal with any type of family member being gay. Well you know what you have a problem with okay. No, Im not talking about you, Im talking about everyone here at this organization, what are YOU okay with this. Well Im trying to figure out what to do next, so what are you saying.

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bisexual male celebrities